2015 Bike 4 Breath

Moraga Teachers

Welcome to the Moraga Teachers' Team website. We hope you'll come join us for this year's Bike 4 Breath ride, starting at Menlo Atherton High School!

Did you know that asthma is the #1 cause of hospitalizations and school absences among children due to a chronic illness? Or that that the number of children dying from asthma has nearly tripled over the last 15 years?

Even more shocking, right here in our own community, children are developing asthma at a much higher rate than previous generations. In San Francisco's Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood, for example, one in six kids has asthma.

As teachers, we see this first hand every day in the classroom, and the effects of lung disease go beyond ashtma.

But by supporting Breathe California, and participating in Bike 4 Breath, we can help make a difference!

So please join our team! If you can't ride with us, please consider sponsoring somebody on the team, even if you don't know them!

We're hoping we can get lots of people to join and fight for clean air and healthy lungs in the Bay Area.

The link to join the team is in the top line of the box below. Come ride!

We look forward to seeing you there,

Barbara Elliott
3rd Grade Teacher
Camino Pablo Elementary

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