2015 Bike 4 Breath

A sampling of the Searsville crew
A sampling of the Searsville crew

Searsville Cycling

Since 1989, Searsville Cycling has been cycling the roads of the Peninsula.  We've climbed the highest peaks and spent many hours riding every possbile road.  

This July we're taking on another challenge:  we are riding to raise awareness for Breathe California and its fight for clean air and lung health.  

Please join us!  We look forward to riding with you.

And if you can't join us, please donate generously to any member of the team.  A $100 donation to any rider gets him/her a t-shirt.  $500 gets them a bike jersey.  They'll be grateful for your generosity and you'll feel good, too, since you'll be making the Bay Area a better place to ride and breathe.



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